A Living Shoreline created by Environmental Land Improvements in Easton Maryland

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Native oyster Enhancement in Puget Sound

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Pinto Abalone Recovery

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Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm OR “The Little Farm that Could”

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Endoscope Videos of Feeding Bivalves
Video endoscopy has been used in the medical and veterinarian fields for decades to examine internal organs and structures of humans and animals. Its use in marine biology, however, was limited due to cost, lack of techniques, and methodological problems. In 1990, Dr. Evan Ward and colleagues developed techniques to apply video endoscopy to the study of bivalve molluscs. Since then extensive observations and data have been collected from in vivo observations of bivalve feeding and have shed new light and understanding on the process of particle feeding in bivalves and other suspension feeders (see also Publications).
In addition, they have developed an educational video that demonstrates feeding processes in bivalves. This includes an Open University teaching video that explores the functional biology of suspension feeders.

UMCES Horn Pt. Hatchery Videos