PIs for Original Effort and Organizers, 2004 Workshop

First NameLast NameSalutationAffiliation/Org.State/Prov.CountrySpecies or Taxa of Interest
Loren Coen Dr. Florida Atlantic University FL US Crassostrea virginica, mussels, crabs
Nancy Hadley Ms. SCDNR SC US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria
Keith Walters Dr. Coastal Carolina University SC US Crassostrea virginica, Geukensia demissa, Panopeus herbstii
Dara Wilber Dr. College of Charleston SC US Crassostrea virginica, decapods

Attendees of 2004 Workshop

First NameLast NameSalutationAffiliation/Org.State/Prov.CountrySpecies or Taxa of Interest
Troy Alphin Mr. UNC Wilmington NC US Crassostrea virginica, Ostrea equestris, residents
Mike Beck Dr. TNC CA US Crassostrea virginica, bivalves, Ostrea lurida
Denise Breitburg Dr. SERC MD US Crassostrea virginica
David Bushek Dr. Rutgers University NJ US Crassostrea, Mercenaria, Geukensia
Leslie Craig Ms NOAA FL US oysters, molluscs
Jonathan Grabowski Dr. Northeastern University MA US Crassostrea virginica, reef associates
Ray Grizzle Dr University of New Hamsphire NH US Crassostrea virginica, mussels
Earl Melancon, Jr. Dr. Nicholls State University LA US Crassostrea virginica, mussels
David Meyer Dr. NOAA/ National Marine Fisheries Service NC US Crassostrea virginica, decapods, finfish
Kennedy Paynter, Jr. Dr. University of MD College Park MD US Crassostrea virginica, C ariakensis
Martin Posey Dr. UNC Wilmington NC US Crassostrea virginica, O equestris
Sean Powers Dr. The University of South Alabama AL US
P.G. Ross Mr. VIMS VA US Crassostrea virginica, birds
Tracy Skrabal Ms. NCCF-NGO NC US Crassostrea virginica, marshes
Tom Soniat Dr. University of New Orleans LA US Crassostrea virginica, mussels
Greg Tolley Dr. FGCU FL US Crassostrea virginica, mussels, decapods, finfish
Aswani Volety Dr. Academic NC US Crassostrea virginica, Perna viridis
Charles Wilson Mr. ACOE NC US Crassostrea virginica

New Members

First NameLast NameSalutationAffiliation/Org.State/Prov.CountrySpecies or Taxa of Interest
Holly Abeels Ms. Academic FL US Crassostrea virginica
Laura Airoldi Prof University of Bologna Ravenna Italy Ostrea edulis, Crassostrea gigas
Carl Alderson Mr Gov NJ US crassostrea virginica
Lauren Alleman Ms. The Nature Conservancy New York United States Crassostrea virginica
Steven Allen Mr. Oyster Recovery Partnership Maryland United States Crassostrea virginica
Sarah Allison Miss NGO essex England ostrea edulis, crassostrea gigas
Christine Angelini Dr. Academic FL US Crassostrea virginia
Elizabeth Ashton Dr Academic Northern Ireland UK Ostrea edulis, Crassostrea gigas
SADAR ASLAM Miss ACADEMIC SINDH PAKISTAN P. maxima, C. gyrophoides, P. margaritifera
Lesley Baggett Dr. Academic AL US Crassostrea virginica
Shirley Baker Dr. Academic FL US Crassostrea virginica
Thomas Ballou Mr Ballou Associate South Carolina United States Crassostrea, Mytilus, Melampus
Bruce Barber Dr. Academic FL US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria mercenaria
Tomma Barnes Dr. USACE NC USA Crassostrea virginica
Jeff Beal Mr FWC FL US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria mercenaria
Brian Beal Dr. Academic ME United States Mya arenaria, Placopecten magellanicus, Mercenaria mercenaria
Joseph Berg Mr. Biohabitats, Inc. MD US oyster
Mark Berrigan Mr. FL Dept of Agric. and Consumer Services FL USA Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria
Donna Marie Bilkovic Dr. Academic VA US Mussels, Crassostrea virginica, salt marshes
Josh Black Mr. Self-Motivated (Fmr fed., business) CA US O. lurida, C. virginica, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Brady Blake Mr. State WA US Ostrea lurida, Crassostrea gigas
Thomas Bliss Mr. University of Georgia GA USA Crassostrea virginica
Brittany Blomberg Ms. Academic TX US Crassostrea virginica
Daphne Boothe Mrs. Government/Federal FL United States Crassostrea virginica
Mark Borrelli Dr. Research, Private Non-Profit MA US oysters, clams, mussels
Jaime Boswell Ms. Government FL USA Crassostrea virginica
Darryl Boudreau Mr. TNC FL US spartina altinaflora
Christy Bourque Mrs. Mitchell McConnell Insurance NB CA Species raised through aquaculture
Brian Boutin Dr. State Government FL USA Crassostrea virginica, finfish
Chris Boyd Dr. Mississippi Alabama Sea Grant Consortium MS US Crassostrea virginica, Litopenaeus vannamei, Spartina alterniflora
John Bragg Mr. State government OR Oregon USA Ostrea lurida, Sebastes ssp, Oncorhynchus ssp
John Brawley Dr. Woods Hole Group MA US Crassostrea virginica
Sara Briley Ms. Non-Profit CA USA Ostrea lurida, Zostera marina
David Brown Mr. The Nature Conservancy RI US Geukensia demissa, Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria mercenaria
Janet Brown Dr The Shellfish Team Stirlingshire UK Ostrea edulis
Hilary Brown Ms. Academic NC US C. virginica
Alexander Browne Master James Madison University VA United States Crassostrea virginica, Morone saxatilis, Brevoortia tyrannus
David Burdick Dr. JEL NH US oysters, mussels
Russell Burke Dr. Academic VA US Eastern Oyster
Leah Cabral Ms. County MA USA Crassostrea virginica
Matt Campbell Mr. Business TX USA Crassostrea virginica
Ruth Carmichael Dr. Research, Academic; State AL USA Crassostrea virginica
Robin Carpenter Ms. Writer and Activist CA United States Crassostrea gigas, Ostreola conchaphila, Crassostrea virginica
Alvar Carranza Dr. Universidad de la República (Uruguay) - Museo Nacional de Historia Natural (Uruguay) Montevideo Uruguay Ostreidae, Mytilidae
John Carroll Dr. Academic NC US
John Carroll Dr. Georgia Southern University GA US Crassostrea virginica, Argopecten irradians, Cliona celata
Haille Carter Ms. Non-profit TX US Crassostrea virginica
Mohammed Chowdhury Mr. Assistant Professor Chittagong Bangladesh Crassostrea sp
Ben Cleveland Mr Academic (PhD Candidate) Victoria Australia Ostrea angasi
Allison Colden Ms. Academic VA US Crassostrea virginica
Meredith Comi Mrs. NY/NJ Baykeeper NJ USA Crassostrea virginica
Nikkie Cox Miss State Government FL US oysters
Matt Crawford Mr Southern Cross University Vi Australia Ostrea Angasi
R. Creswell Mr. Florida Sea Grant Florida United States Crassostrea virginica, Macrocallista nimbosa, Mercenaria mercenaria
Rob Crook Mr. Private NC US Oyster, Mussels
Bill Crowell Dr. Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership NC USA Crassostrea virginica
Jan Culbertson Dr. Texas Parks and Wildlife TX US Crassostrea virginica
Carolyn Currin Dr. NOAA NOS NCCOS NC US Spartina alterniflora, Juncus spp.
Percy Dardar Mr. Business Louisiana USA Oysters
Andrew David Dr. Clarkson University NY USA Crassostrea gigas, Crassostrea virginica,
Alison Debney Mrs Zoological Society of London London UK Ostrea edulis, Crassostrea gigas
Jeff DeQuattro Mr. Non-Profit AL US oyster
Cortney Diller Ms. Academic MD US Biovalves
Nikki Dix Dr. government/university FL US C. virginica
Kahren Dowcett Ms World Oyster Society, Living Arts Institute MA USA crassostrea gigas, crassostrea virginica
Brett Dumbauld Dr. USDA-ARS OR USA Ostrea lurida, Crassostrea gigas, Crassostrea virginica
Mark Dumesnil Mr. Non-Profit TX US crassostrea virginica
Robert Dunn Mr. North Carolina State University NC US Crassostrea virginica, Cliona spp.
David Eggleston Dr. NC State University NC US Crassostrea virginica, Callinectes sapidus
Vincent Encomio Dr. Florida Oceanographic Society FL US Crassostrea virginica, bivalves in general
Dennis Erkan Mr. Government/State RI US Crassostrea virginica, Argopecten irradians, Mercenaria mercenaria
Jeremy Esposito Mr. The Harbor Foundation NJ US Crassostrea virginica
Kirsten Feifel Ms Academic WA USA Crassostrea sp.
Curtis Felix Mr. Local Government MA US Oysters, Salt Marsh, Menhaden
Ryan Fikes Mr. NGO TX USA C. virginica
Mark Finkbeiner Mr. NOAA/CSC SC USA crassostrea virginica
Karen Fisher Ms. Government- State LA US Crassostrea virginica
Allison Fitzgerald Mrs City University of New York NY US Crassostrea virginica, C. gigas, C. rhizophore
Linda Fitzhugh Dr. Academic FL USA seagrass, scallops
Kathy FitzPatrick Ms. County Govt Fl USA crassostrea virginica
Erin Fleckenstein Mrs. NGO NC US Crassostrea virginica
Gef Flimlin Mr Rutgers Cooperative Extension NJ US Mercenaria mercenaria, Crassostrea virginica
Peter Frederick Dr. Academic FL US Crassostrea virginica, Aves
Peter Frederick Dr. Academic FL USA Crassostrea virginica, Haemotopus americana
Angelina Freeman Dr. NGO DC US Crassostrea virginica
Thomas Gandesbery Mr. State of CA CA USA Olympia
Rebecca Garwood Mrs CDFG ca usa native oysters
Stephen Geiger Dr. State Gov. FL US Crassostrea virginica
Laura Geselbracht Ms. NGO FL US Crassostrea virginica
Carl Gilbert Mr Business Fl US Oysters
Rachel Gittman Ms Academic MA US Crassostrea virginica
Patricia Glas Dr Federal CT USA Dreisena
Elizabeth Gomez MS Academic (Graduate Student) NY USA Crassostrea virginica
Matthew Gray Mr. Academic OR US Ostrea lurida
Rachel Gwin Ms. Nonprofit FL US Crassostrea virginica
Paul Hamer Dr Government Victoria Australia Ostrea angasi
Lynne Hamlin Ms State Texas USA oyster, blue crab
Marc Hanke Dr. University of Houston TX USA Oysters, oyster pea crab,
R. Daniel Harris Mr. University of Georgia GA United States Crassostrea virginica, Spartina alterniflora
Rick Harter Mr. Business Florida US Crassostrea virginica, Spartin alterniflora, Halodule wrightii
Paul Haydt Mr. State FL US Oysters
Gregory Herbert Dr. Academic FL USA Crassostrea virginica, Neogastropoda (oyster drills)
Serra Herndon Mrs. Non-profit FL Florida United States Crassostrea virginica
Laura Hoberecht Dr. Federal WA US Ostrea lurida
Tim Holbrook Mr North Carolina Aquaculture Assocation NC US Oyster
Jamaine Holt Mr. Business CO USA Warm water fish
Ryan Horstman Mr. Business FL US Crassostrea virginica
Dionne Hoskins Dr. government GA US Crassostrea virginica
Robbie Hudson Mr. NGO RI US Argopecten irradians, Crassostrea virginica, Geukensia demissa
Austin Humphries Dr. Academic RI US Crassostrea virginica, Crassostrea ariakensis
Hans Hurn Mr. Business Washington United States Ostria lurida
David Iglesias Dr. County Government Pontevedra Spain Ostrea spp., Crassostrea spp.
Tom Ihde Dr. Academic Research MD US Crassostrea virginica
Tim Jackson Mr. Business CA US Crassostrea virginica, Ostreola conchaphila,
Scott Jackson Mr. Bay County / UF-IFA FL US Sciaenids, Crassostrea virginica
Deborah January-Bevers Ms Environmental-based Non-Profit TX USA Oysters in Galveston Bay
Dwayne Johnson Mr. Non-Profit Org MD US Oysters
Christopher Judy Mr. MD Department of Natural Resources MD USA bivalves
Jon Kachmar Mr. NGO MA USA Oysters, Bay scallops
Kerstin Kalchmayr Ms NY/NJ Baykeeper NY USA Crassosstrea virginica, zostera marina
Andy Kane Dr. Academic FL US eastern oyster
Kris Kaufman Ms. Federal Government FL US american oyster
Jodie Keene Ms. municipal government MA US Zostera marina, Crassostrea virginica
Lisa Kellogg Dr. Biological Sciences VA US Crassostrea virginica
Bart Key Mr Business NC US oysters
Peter Kingsley-Smith Dr. SCDNR SC US Crassostrea virginica; Mercenaria mercenaria; Penaeus monodon
Brian Kingzett Mr. Business WA US Ostrea lurida
Lauren Kirikiti Mrs. Division of Aquaculture FL US C. virginica
Steve Kirk Mr. NGO MA US virginica, irradians, mercenaria
Scott Knoche Dr. Academic MD US crassostrea virginica
Ray Konisky Dr. The Nature Conservancy NH US Crassostrea virginica
John Kraeuter Dr. Rutgers University NJ USA Mercenaria mercenaria, Crassostrea virginica, Spisula solidissima
Shelly Krueger Ms. State GA US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria mercenaria
Megan La Peyre Dr Fed Gov LA USA Crassostrea virginica, salt marshes, mussels
Katie Laakkonen Mrs. Local Government FL US Crassostrea virginica, halodule wrightii
Jay Lazar Mr Federal MD US Crassostrea virginica
Raymond Leary Mr. State Govt FL USA Rangia, Crassostrea, Mercenaria, Argopecten
Dale Leavitt Dr. Academic RI US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenari mercenaria, Argopecten irradians
Dorothy Leonard Ms. Ocean Equities LLC MD US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria, Mytilus edulis
Jay Leverone Dr. Sarasota Bay Estuary Program FL USA Crassostrea virginica; Argopecten irradians
Jeffrey Levinton Dr. University NY USA Crassostrea virginica
Romuald Lipcius Dr. College of William & Mary VA US Crassostrea virginica
John Lochner Mr. Business NY USA all
Jim Lodge Mr. Hudson River Foundation NY US Crassostrea virginica
Mark Luckenbach Dr. Academic VA US Crassostrea virginica, C. ariakensis, scallops
Patrice Ludwig Dr Academic VA US Crassostrea virginica
Perry Lund Mr State Government WA US
Sandra Macfarlane MS Coastal Resourc Specialists MA USA Mercenaria mercenaria, Crassostrea virginica, Argopecten irradians
Clyde MacKenzie Mr. Federal NJ US Crassostrea virginica, Argopecten irradians, Mercenaria mercenaria
Jan Mackinnon Mrs. state GA US Spartina alterniflora, Crossastrea virginica,
Dana Maira Ms. State FL US Oyster
Lawrence Malizzi Mr Business DE USA spartina,mangrove
Andrea Margiotta Ms. Academic SC US Crassostrea virginica
Charles Martin Dr. Academic LA US Crassostrea virginica
Mike McCann Dr. NGO NY USA Oysters
Carol McCollough Ms NGO MD US Crassostrea virginica
Thomas McCormick Mr. NGO CA USA O. lurida
Anna McGinty Mrs. Academic MA US Oysters
Kay McGraw Dr. NOAA Restoration Center MD US Crassostrea virginica, Anadara ovalis, Ostrea lurida
Allison McIsaac MS Aboriginal Organization NS CA Eastern oyster
Emma Melvin Ms. The Sustainability Institute NJ USA all
Emma Melvin Ms. Sustainable Jersey NJ USA oyster
Maria Merrill Ms. FWC FL US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria
Eric Milbrandt Dr. Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation FL US Crassostrea virginica, R. mangle, SAV
Todd Miller Mr. North Carolina Coastal Federation NC United States oysters
Kade Mills Mr NGO Vic Australia Ostrea angasi
Thomas Mohrman Mr. NGO MS USA Crassostrea virginica
Jim Moore Dr State government CA US Ostrea lurida
Damon Moore Mr. County Government FL US Crassostrea virginica, Halodule wrightii, Thalassia testudinum
Oscar Moreno Escalante Mr Regional Government Huelva Spain Crassostrea gigas, Ruditapes decussatus
Summer Morlock Ms. NOAA MD US Crassostrea virginica, Ostrea conchaphila, Ostrea lurida
Katie Mosher-Smith Ms. Billion Oyster Project NY US Oysters
January Murray Ms. Government-State GA US Eastern Oyster
Robert Neuweiler Mr Bass River Planning & Zoning Board NJ US Monroe Saxitallis
Jaimie Nevins Ms north carolina state university NC US Crassostrea virginica
Katie Nichols Ms. Local NGO CA USA Zostera marina, Ostrea lurida
Tammy Norgard Ms Fisheries and Oceans Canada BC Canada Crassostrea gigas, Ostera lurida
Matthew Ogburn Dr. Federal MD USA Crassostrea virginica
Tyler Ortego Mr. Business LA US Crassostrea virginica
Allison Osterberg Ms. County WA US Ostrea lurida, Crassostrea gigas
Niki Pace Prof. Academic MS USA none
Jody Palmer Ms. Non Profit FL USA Eastern Oyster
Bradley Peterson Dr. Stony Brook University NY US Crassostrea virginica, Zostera marina,
Bruce Pfirrmann Mr. Academic VA USA Crassostrea virginica
Bryan Piazza Dr. The Nature Conservancy LA USA Crassostrea virginica, salt marshes
Michael Piehler Dr. UNC Chapel Hill NC USA Crassostrea virginica
Jonathan Pitchford Dr. non-profit MS US Lepidochelys kempii, Tursiops truncatus, Callinectes sapidus
Jennifer Pollack Dr Academic TX US Crassostrea virginica, Litopenaeus setiferus, Callinectes sapidus
Victoria Powers Ms P Md Md Oysters bees
C. Proffitt Dr. Academic TX US Crassostrea virginica, Rhizophora mangle
Brandon Puckett Mr. NC State University NC USA Crassostrea virginica
Julie Qiu Ms. Media NY USA Crassostrea virginica, crassostrea gigas
Weimin Quan Dr. Academic Shanghai China Oyster
Kara Radabaugh Dr. State of Florida FL US Crassostrea virginica
Gary Raulerson Dr. Regional Government FL US Crassostrea virginica
Beth Ravit Dr. Academic NJ US Crassostrea virginica
Melody Ray-Culp Melody US Fish & Wildlife Service FL USA Living shorelines
Heather Reed Ms Ecological Consulting Services Inc. FL US Crassostrea virginica, Halodule wrightii,Spartina Alternaflora
Justin Ridge Mr. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NC US Crassostrea virginica
Jon Risinger Dr. Academic/Business LA US Crassostrea Virginica
William Rodney Mr. State of Texas TX US Crassostrea virginica
Sarah Rogers Ms. Virginia Tech VA US oysters
Lori Romick Ms. local CT US Mercenaria mercenaria, Crassostrea virginica,
Ana Rubio Dr Academic NSW AU oysters, abalone, scallops
Steven Rumrill Dr. State Government OR US Ostrea lurida, Haliotis kamtschatkana
Brian Russell Mr. Business MD US Crassostrea virginica
Frank Sakuma Mr. County/Local FL USA Crassostrea virginica
Elizabeth Salewski Ms. Academic Florida United States Crassostrea virginica
Michael Savarese Dr. Florida Gulf Coast University FL US Crassostrea virginica, molluscs
John Scarpa Dr. Academic TX US Crassostrea, Mercenaria,
Dave Schulte Mr. US Army Corps of Engineers VA US Crassostrea virginica, Argopecten irradians
Steven Scyphers Dr. Academic MA US Crassostrea virginica
Daria Sebastiano Ms. Academic NY United States Eastern Oyster
Casey Shetterly Ms. TNC MA US Crassostrea virginica & Argopecten irradians
Joe Shields, III Mr. Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services Florida US Crassotrea virginica; Mercenaria mercenaria
John Sieviec Mr. Town of Guilford, Ct. Health Department CT US Mercenaria mercenaria
Kara Skipper Mrs. Non-profit MC US Crassostrea virginica, Callinectes sapidus
H. Slacum Mr. Non-Profit MD US Crassostrea virginica, decapods, finfish
Christiaan Sluis Msc. IMARES NL Holland Ostrea edulis
Aad Smaal Prof.& Dr. Academic Netherlands bivalvia
Andrea Small Ms Florida Department of Environmental Protection FL US Oysters, Molluscs
Lee Smee Dr. Texas A&M - Corpus Christi TX USA Crassostrea virginica
Ashley Smyth Dr. Academic VA US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria mercenaria
Angela Sowers Dr. Federal MD USA Crassostrea virginica
Betty Staugler Ms. Academic FL US Bay scallops
Cecily Steppe Dr. Academic MD US Crassostrea virginica
Beth Strain Dr Academic Sydney Australia Sydney rock oyster
Greg Stunz Dr. Academic TX US Crassostrea virginica, Sciaenops oscellatus, Paralichthys lethostigma
Andrew Suhrbier Mr. Pacific Shellfish Institute WA USA Panopea generosa, Ostrea conchaphila, Crassostrea gigas
Julie Sullivan Ms. non-profit TX US ostrea virginica
Christopher Tanner Dr. Academic MD USA Crassostrea virginica
James Tanner Mr Adademic FL USA Crassostrea virginica
Susan Taylor Dr Private MD USA Crassostrea virginica, Spartina alterniflora
Susan Taylor Dr Business MD USA Spartina
Seth Theuerkauf Mr. Academic NC US Crassostrea virginica
Mark Thompson Dorkter SCCF Marine Lab FL USA Bumpywumps
evelyn tickle Prof Business VA US Ostreoida, Crassostrea, virginica
Mitch Tinsley Mr. Business MS US Crassostrea virginica
C Toline Dr. Federal SC US marine habitats, marine species, sav coral mangrove oyster saltmarsh etc
Pedro Trillo Mr Business Company Lima Perú Argopecten purpuratos, Nodipecten subnudosus, Pteria sterna
Barry Truitt Mr. NGO VA USA C. virginica, A.rgopecten irradians, M. mercenaria
Nicholas Tufaro Mr. ASLA, County NJ us zostera, crassostrea
Brendan Turley Mr. Academic VA US Crassostrea virginica
Dan Van Nostrand Mr. Government AL US Crassostrea virginica
Dick Vander Schaaf Mr. The Nature Conservancy OR USA Ostrea lurida
Chris Verlinde Ms F. Sea Grant Extension FL USA Crassostrea virginica
Marc Virgilio Mr. State Government 32948 US Crassostrea virginica
Timothy Visel Mr. Academic CT NH crassostrea mya mercenaria
Randal Walker Dr. University of Georgia GA US Crassostrea, Mercenaria, Anadara
Brenda Walles MSc. Wageningen University/IMARES Zeeland The Netherlands Crassostrea Gigas
Linda Walters Dr. Academic FL US Crassostrea virginica
Bill Walton Dr. Academic AL US Crassostrea virginica, Argopecten irradians, Mercenaria mercenaria
Krystin Ward Ms. Academic NH US Oysters, Algae, aquaculture
Brenda Wasler Ms. National Park Service VA US Hydrilla
William Watkins Dr. U.S. Food and Drug Administration MD US Crassostrea virginica
Jessy Wayles Ms. Non Profit Fl US crassostrea virginica
Eric Weissberger Dr. Government/State MD USA Crassostrea virginica
Stephanie Westby Ms. NOAA MD US crassostria virginica
Ted Wilgis Mr. NGO NC US Eastern Oyster
Randy Wilgis Mr. Business SC US Oysters
bill wolinski mr County Government md usa oyster
Andy Woolmer Dr Oyster Farmer / Consultant SA UK Ostrea edulis, Crepidula fornicata
Huiping Yang Dr. Academic FL US Molluscs
Chela Zabin Dr Academic CA US Ostrea lurida
Danielle Zacherl Dr. Academic CA US Ostrea lurida
Chester Zarnoch Dr. Baruch College NY US Crassostrea virginica, Mercenaria mercenaria
Scott Zengel Dr. Business/Government FL US Crassostrea virginica
Philine zu Ermgassen Dr. University of Cambridge Cambridgshire UK Crassostrea virginica
Len Zuza Mr. SMOCS MD United States Crassostrea virginica