Bibliography of Non-Native Species With Focus on Molluscs

Live oysters and other molluscan shellfish have been relocated into new non-native waters for centuries (back to Roman times) for either cultivation or holding prior to consumption. Sir Charles Elton in his synthesis volume entitled “The Ecology of Invasions by Animals and Plants” in 1958 likened oysters to “a kind of sessile sheep, that are were moved from pasture to pasture in the sea.” He goes on to described this relocation for culturing as “the greatest agency of all that spreads marine animals to new quarters of the world.” There are numerous examples and these are synthesized in recent reviews that discuss oysters, associated pest species and their parasites (e.g., Carriker 1992, Carlton and Mann 1996, Molnar et al. 2008, Cohen and Zabin 2009, Ruesink et al. 2005).

Non-Native Marine Species Impacts (focus on Shellfish, Especially Molluscs, Some Ballast Water and Plant Literature)

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